Easy Strawberry Caprese Salad w/ Brown Sugar Balsamic + Mint

Beautiful food!!! Is there anything better?

Roasted Garlic Potato Salad w/ Pancetta, Scallions, & Chive

It’s time to get serious about summer. Summer FOOD, specifically, because why else would you be here?!

Sweet & Spicy Grilled Shrimp w/ Peppers, Jalapeño, & Caramelized Pineapple

This recipe is all about vacation inspiration. One of travels great pleasures is the chance to immerse yourself in local cuisine, so exploring the tastes...

Dinner for Two: Fried Onion-Crusted Tilapia w/ Sesame Ginger Marinade

Cooking fish is kind of a cluster, amirite? One minute it’s an undercooked mess, the next it’s got the texture of a tire – It’s...

Sweet ‘n Crunchy Almond Butter + Strawberry Toasts

This is one of my favorite, go-to breakfasts. And I think it could be one of yours, too!

Dinner for Two: Greek-Style Stuffed Peppers

There’s nothing I don’t love about a good stuffed pepper. Bell peppers are one of those amazingly versatile vegetables that work in just about...

Make-Ahead Three Cheese Baked Ziti w/ Springtime Veggies

Weaving vegetables into pasta is a wonderfully simple way to make the unhealthy, sorta healthy. There’s still loads of carbs, of course. And a...

Easy Nutella-Swirl Almond Cake (Gluten Free!)

New name, new look, new vibe – It’s all happening right now. And this cake ain’t half bad either. Welcome to WRY TOAST.