… because last minute menu planning happens to the best of us.

5-Ingredient Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts

Last year was my debut Thanksgiving dinner, and it was both brutal and incredible all at the same time. My cooking spanned 12 hours over two days, as I carefully crafted the stuffing, a sweet onion galette (!!!!!), scalloped sweet potato pie, the turkey (duh), and biscuits from scratch. When all was said and done it was pretty amazing to sit at the table and think “I actually made all of this”. It was also a major relief when I began funneling wine, because that shit was tiring as hell.

This year I’m headed to my in-laws, which means a significant bulk of the cooking is off my plate. But my sweet onion galette will still be making an appearance (I repeat: !!!!!) as will these bacon jam Brussels Sprouts, because they’re about as easy as a side veggie gets.

5-Ingredient Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts

5-Ingredient Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts

Like the title alludes to this recipe is completely self-explanatory, but since it’s Monday I’ll go slow:

Brussels Sprouts

Olive Oil


Apricot Jam

Apple Cider Vinegar

THAT’S IT! It’s a Christmas miracle, a month ahead of schedule.

5-Ingredient Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts

You guys have been living for my baked brie & bacon jam phyllo cups, so I decided to take said bacon jam and smother it over roasted brussels, because it sounded like heaven. And lo and behold, it IS a religious experience, so if you haven’t gone to church recently just make these brussels instead.

5-Ingredient Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts

5-Ingredient Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts

In terms of taste this combo is absolutely killer, so be ready for everyone to want seconds.

Sweet, savory, salty flavor? Hell yes.

Sticky, crunchy, crispy texture? You know it.

BACON-Y hints of BACON?! Amen.

5-Ingredient Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts

The key to crushing this recipe is the timing, which we all know is a nightmare on Thanksgiving. For optimal results you want to smother the brussels with bacon jam AS SOON as they’re finished roasting, then serve them just as immediately. It sounds super annoying — like that Uncle who just NEEDS to bring up the election — but it’s not as bad as it seems. The trick is to make the bacon jam ahead of time, then store it in a glass container for up to three days. Then, when your brussels have about 5 – 10 minutes of roasting to go, simply reheat it in a skillet over a low flame, and boom!

You just won Thanksgiving.

5-Ingredient Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts

And with that – have an AMAZING Turkey Day!! I’ll be back with some healthy grub next week 🙂 xo

5-Ingredient Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts


  • 1 lb brussels sprouts
  • 2 1/2 tbsps extra virgin olive oil
  • a few pinches salt & pepper
  • 6 oz applewood smoked bacon, chopped (about 5 slices)
  • 3 tbsps apricot jam
  • 1 1/4 tbsps apple cider vinegar
  • fresh thyme to garnish


  1. Pre-heat oven to 425F.
  2. On a cutting board halve and quarter the brussels sprouts, discarding of the stems. Transfer to a large-rimmed baking sheet, then combine with EVOO and salt & pepper, tossing well to coat. Roast on oven middle rack for 20 – 25 minutes until done to your liking, stirring mid-way. (Personally I think the crispier, the better!)
  3. Meanwhile, in a large skillet cook the chopped bacon over a medium flame until crispy, about 15 minutes. Be sure to drain any rendered fat from the skillet once the bacon is fully cooked. Next, reduce flame to low before stirring in the apricot jam and apple cider vinegar, incorporating well. Allow this mixture to simmer until needed, stirring occasionally.
  4. Once the brussels are roasted, immediately transfer to a heat-proof serving dish. Top with the bacon jam and stir to combine, then serve! Garnish with fresh thyme if desired.

>> This recipe can easily be doubled, but you’ll need to increase the roasting time to ~40 minutes, as well as stir the brussels more frequently to promote even roasting.