Fire Roasted Tomato Soup, For Two!

If I told you this was the best tomato soup ever, would you believe me? Because this is really, truly, the most flavor-bomb tomato...

Dinner for Two: 20-Minute Green Goddess Spaghetti

Late-summer pasta!! There’s so many reasons to love it.

Dinner for Two: Grilled Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers

Is it okay if we still grill for a minute? Because I’m not ready to get rid of summer food just yet.

No-Churn Coffee Cookies ‘n Cream Ice Cream

THIS CONE. It’s what summer dreams are made of.

Buttery Rosemary Biscuits w/ Strawberry Honey Butter

Biscuits!! Who doesn’t love ’em?

Thyme Tomato Skewers Over Grilled Ricotta Toast

Is it strange that this is my idea of the perfect late summer dinner? I know most people will look at this toast and immediately...

One Bowl Fruity Pebbles Chocolate Chunk Cookies

It’s time we eat something completely, totally, unabashedly FUN. Because what’s summer without some crazy cookies?!

Ultimate Corn Cheddar Crab Dip

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that you actually consume this entire dip yourself. But if, say, YOU DID, I wouldn’t exactly blame you....