Giant Skillet Stuffed Meatballs, For Two!

THIS MEAL. It is so, so epic.

Sweet & Sticky Korean Shrimp (10 Minutes!)

Is this the easiest dinner ever? In a word: Yes. And you can have it starting right now.

Easy Goat Cheese Huevos Rancheros, For Two!

I'm going through a major eggs phase right now.

Healthier LoveStruck Brownie Cake

I MEAN…. !!!!! If this isn’t what love looks like, I don’t know what is.

Addicting Chocolate Caramel Crispy Hearts

I know. Making your own Valentine's Day candy seems redundant.

Cheese Lovers Winter Mac & Cheese

What exactly is a "winter" mac & cheese? It's a mac with some sneaky winter veggies!

Mini Beef Wellington Bites (15 Minutes!)

Easiest Super Bowl app ever? Hell Yes!

World’s Simplest Crockpot Bolognese (Freezer-Friendly!)

This recipe requires just 5 minutes of effort. YES! Just. Five. Minutes.