The Best Creamy Cauliflower Soup (For Two!)

So. What exactly makes this "the best" creamy cauliflower soup? It's made in just 30 minutes with only SIX ingredients!

Giant Skillet Stuffed Meatballs, For Two!

THIS MEAL. It is so, so epic.

Sweet & Sticky Korean Shrimp (10 Minutes!)

Is this the easiest dinner ever? In a word: Yes. And you can have it starting right now.

Easy Goat Cheese Huevos Rancheros, For Two!

I'm going through a major eggs phase right now.

Healthier LoveStruck Brownie Cake

I MEAN…. !!!!! If this isn’t what love looks like, I don’t know what is.

Addicting Chocolate Caramel Crispy Hearts

I know. Making your own Valentine's Day candy seems redundant.

Cheese Lovers Winter Mac & Cheese

What exactly is a "winter" mac & cheese? It's a mac with some sneaky winter veggies!

Mini Beef Wellington Bites (15 Minutes!)

Easiest Super Bowl app ever? Hell Yes!