Pesto Avocado Toasts

Does the world need another avocado toast?

Not really, I guess.  But I’m going there anyway because ohmygoddd you guys.  This is seriously my new favorite snack ever.

Like, foreva eva.  Ya dig?

And it’s about to be your new favorite snack too – Let’s kick it!

Have you guys been hopping on the avo-toast bandwagon?  Because I’ve been jumping on that ish hard.   Like, any and all excuses to schmear avocado on toast?  I’m there.  Its become a downright compulsion, I don’t know how else to explain it.  It’s just one of those foods that’s so simple yet so good it kind of blows my mind how tasty and good something so damn simple can be.  Do you agree?

(just say yes… it’s easier that way)

Anyway, after a casual 857 consecutive servings of traditional avocado toast, I decided I need to turn this baby up.  Alllll the way up!

And Pesto Avocado Toasts?  It’s next-level sorts of mayjah.

Think of this baby as a delicious marriage of avocado + pesto sauce, aka a match made in green heaven.  The hints of basil give a cool, unexpected pop of flavor to the avocado, and a spritz of lemon lends just the right tang to make it all work.  And aside from being ridiculously easy to make?  This toast tastes just as yummy plain as it does topped with cherry tomatoes, roasted red pepper, or a poached egg.

So whatcha waiting for?!  Head over to Refinery29 and nab the recipe now!