Sea Salt & Maple Butter Pecan Popcorn

This is for the snack attack moments.

The times you need a lil somethin’ salty and a lil somethin’ sweet.

The moments when crunchy and crispy is all that your craving.

The days where you missed your morning train and your hair is a mess and ohemGEE can you believe it’s already April!?

This popcorn is for all of that.

I awoke today suffering from a sense of panic that for once wasn’t completely arbitrary.  As a drama queen it is not uncommon for me to wake up in a tizzy over petty and shallow concerns, many of which sound like; Is my bathroom scale really telling me the truth?  Is trashy TV making me dumb?  And what does it feel like to have real problems?

Ya know, the big stuff.

So when I got up this morning feeling like a nervous nitty, I ran through my usual checklist of meaningless concerns and found everything was okay.  Confused, I decided to ignore myself and just go about my day.  Then boom!  On the elliptical, minding my own business while I eye-roll at the Today Show, it all hit me like a tidal wave.

I’m suffering from Spring Fever.

Spring Fever!  How could I forget this fluttery feeling?  It’s one that means I am simultaneously panicked over how fast the year is going by, yet totally relieved that the warm weather is finally here.  It’s excitement!  It’s a mild sort of mania!  It’s a fever!

Get it?

Naturally I decided to celebrate with food, and I couldn’t think of a better way than this popcorn.  If you follow me on Instagram (which duh – you should) you’ll know I recently got an unreal shipment of goodies from Vermont Creamery.  Though I’m devastated I need to wait 19 more days till I can dive into their delicious cheese, I can enjoy their butters, and enjoy them I did.  Because the second I saw sea salt & maple butter, I knew I was making popcorn.

The beauty of this snack is that it’s not kettle corn sweet or movie theater salty, it strikes just the right balance.  Baking in the oven lends a lightly toasted finish – one that’s great even hours after it’s cooked- while the pecans provide great texture and nutty flavor.  Overall it’s a perfectly simple, perfectly easy, perfectly sweet & salty popcorn snack.

And you can eat it while skipping, too.

Sea Salt & Maple Butter Pecan Popcorn



  1. In large bowl combine pecans and popcorn, mixing well.  In another bowl, melt butter in microwave for ~30 seconds, then stir in maple syrup.  Pour sauce over popcorn mix, then toss until all pieces are well coated.
  2. Evenly spread out popcorn onto parchment lined baking sheet.  Bake at 300F for 15 minutes until lightly toasted, then remove from oven and season with sea salt before immediately serving.

ps- sea salt & maple butter = everything.