Extra-Crispy Honey Teriyaki Cauliflower Bites

The best thing about these cauli bites is that they freeze SO well.

Usually I’ll double what’s written below, then serve half, freeze half. The served half is consumed in about 8.1 seconds (surprise), while the frozen bites are eaten over the next few weeks. Sometimes I’ll reheat 4 for lunch, other times it’s 2 as a snack. But regardless of when or why I’m eating them, — Bravo snack-attacks are real!! — they’re always satisfying + delicious.

You were all pretty psyched about these parmesan-crusted cauli bites, so I figured I’d try a new spin. With this variation there’s no cheese, and the baking portion is a touch more nuanced. But in general it’s the same recipe, revamped to be even better.

You start by chopping a small head of cauliflower into florets, discarding of the stems. The more consistent the florets are the more even baking will be, but I always end up with a few giant ones, so don’t stress if you do too. Next prepare a batter of eggs, skim milk, and almond flour, then a coating of panko crumbs and seasoning. Dredge each floret in the batter, coat in panko crumbs, then transfer to a greased baking sheet.

Pop ’em in the oven and let the fun begin.

While the bites crisp up — about 35 minutes of baking — prep a simple sauce of teriyaki and honey. This dynamic duo is sweet, savory, AND garlicky, so it packs a major punch with little effort. When you’re ready, dunk the crisped cauli bites into the sauce, then return to the baking sheet. Bake up for another 5 – 10 minutes, and that’s it!

Top with sesame seeds, pair with leftover sauce for dipping, and EAT.

If you’re a sesame chicken or general tso’s fan, these are absolutely for you. This is a nearly identical, vegetarian twist on both of those eats (YES), so feel free to steam up some broccoli + rice and make it a meal. And as for the freezing, just throw whatever you don’t eat in a ziploc bag!

They’ll last for about 6 weeks. xo

Extra-Crispy Honey Teriyaki Cauliflower Bites


  • 1 small head cauliflower
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp skim milk (I used 2%)
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tbsps almond flour, sifted
  • 1 1/2 cups panko crumbs
  • 2 tsps garlic powder
  • a few pinches of salt & pepper
  • 1 cup teriyaki sauce
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • olive oil spray to coat
  • sesame seeds to garnish


  1. Pre-heat oven to 400F. Amply cook a large-rimmed baking sheet with olive oil spray.
  2. On a cutting board cut the cauliflower into florets, discarding of the stems. Next, in a small mixing bowl combine the eggs, skim milk, and almond flour, whisking until smooth. In another mixing bowl combine the panko crumbs, garlic powder, and salt & pepper, tossing well until mixed.
  3. One floret at a time, dredge in the batter mixture, then amply coat with panko crumbs before transferring to the greased baking sheet. Repeat until all florets are coated.
  4. Spray the top and sides of each floret with olive oil spray, then bake on oven middle rack for 30 – 35 minutes until crisp and golden. Mid-way through cooking, coat each floret again with olive oil spray.
  5. Meanwhile, in a medium-sized mixing bowl whisk the teriyaki sauce and honey until combined. Transfer half to a small serving bowl.
  6. Once the cauliflower bites are crisp, one at a time dredge each in the sauce still in the mixing bowl, then return to the baking sheet. Repeat until all bites are covered in sauce. Return to oven and bake for another 5 – 10 minutes until crisp, then eat! Garnish with sesame seeds if desired and pair with the remaining sauce for dipping.