Hot Pepper Jelly Pulled Chicken (5 Ingredients!)

Welcome to your new favorite chicken recipe.

This recipe is SO good, it actually makes my heart sing.

5 ingredients + 5 minutes of prep = endless degrees of deliciousness! All from the convenience of your crockpot.

If you like getting slapped in the face with sweet, savory, spicy concoctions, this chicken is for you. It’s delicate saccharine taste gives way to a fiery heat + salty flavor that is truly outrageous. And lucky for you, it couldn’t be easier to achieve.

When a recipe has this few ingredients, the most important thing you can do is focus on quality. Free-range, no-hormone, no-antibiotic chicken, organic chicken stock, freshly squeezed orange juice, and farmers market hot pepper jelly are the ideal choices. And yes, I realize it takes a little more effort to cook this way. But you will literally TASTE the difference!

So don’t be lazy, and shop right.

{*concludes shaming kind readers*}

You start by gently salt and peppering chicken breasts on either side, making sure to not overdo it. Normally with chicken you season like mad. But for this recipe? Go easy. There’s a lot of natural salt from the stock, sugar from the orange juice, and peppery spice from the jelly, so you don’t need much. Next, set your slow cooker to high-heat, then add the stock, orange juice, and hot pepper jelly inside. Whisk gently until incorporated, then add in the chicken breasts.

Cook for about 1 hour 45 minutes until the chicken is insanely tender, then transfer to a cutting board to shred with two forks. The smells that will waft from your cooker are stupendous, so prepare for serious drooling. And that’s BEFORE you enjoy this chicken 45 different ways.

It’s magic, I swear.

Once the chicken is shredded add a bit of cornstarch to the leftover sauce inside the cooker, whisking until thickened. If you have a few spoonfuls of sauce all on it’s own, I won’t blame ya. And from there? DIG. IN!

Enjoy this chicken naked, on a sandwich, inside tacos, atop a sandwich, sprinkled over nachos, whatever! So long as it’s slathered in the hot pepper jelly sauce, there’s no wrong way to enjoy it. Xo

Hot Pepper Jelly Pulled Chicken


  • 1 3/4 – 2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • a few pinches salt & pepper
  • 2 cups chicken stock
  • 1 cup orange juice (no pulp)
  • 1/2 cup hot pepper jelly
  • 2 tbsps cornstarch, sifted


  1. On a cutting board lightly salt & pepper each chicken breast on both sides — be gingerly!
  2. Set a slow cooker to high heat. Add the chicken stock, orange juice, and hot pepper jelly, whisking gently until combined. Once incorporated, add the chicken breasts and cook on high heat for about 1 hour 45 minutes until tender. Transfer the cooked chicken to a cutting board, then use two forks to shred. Lastly add the cornstarch to the leftover sauce inside the slow cooker, whisking until combined. Let this mixture simmer for several minutes, then remove from heat.
  3. Enjoy your shredded chicken naked, on a sandwich, or inside tacos! Serve with ample spoonfuls of the hot pepper jelly sauce.