The media loves to whip itself into a frenzy over just about anything, but a good old-fashioned snowstorm attracts a particular breed of hysterics. While I usually remain impartial to the will-it won’t-it fascination over just how bad a storm may be, I like to focus on the positives of being snowed in.

Among my favorites?

Hours on the couch basking in pure laziness, sleeping till noon only to nap again at 4, drinking copiously, eating frivolously, and generally behaving like an animal. But before I can truly relish these sloth-like shenanigans, I first need to capture the scene.

Ever since I moved to the city some seven years ago, I’ve been drawn to how New York transforms in the face of a storm – The streets get quieter, store shelves stand empty, and time begins to float. So in the middle of snowstorm #jonas this past weekend, I decided to trench around my neighb and take a few snaps of how the city was faring — My favorite images are below. x