Secret Ingredient S’mores Brownies

It’s Friday, so we’ll keep this short.

These are the best, most incredible brownies EVER. And if this stunning shot won’t convince you, nothing will.

I worked with my dear friends at Peanut Butter & Company to put together this recipe featuring their Chocmeister milk chocolate hazelnut spread. Unlike other hazelnut spreads Chocmeister has 30% less sugar and double the protein, so there’s immediately less guilt in eating it. It’s also soy-free, whey-free, AND it tastes freakin’ amazing, so there’s nothing not to love. Eating it by the spoon is vaguely acceptable, but baking it into these brownies is the best way to eat them.

Because when winter feels like it’s dragging on forever, bring in the s’mores.

You start by creating a graham cracker crust made of crushed grahams and butter — Mix it all up in your food processor, then pat it down into an 8″ x 8″ pan. Next prepare your brownie batter, which is identical to this recipe here. I love fudgy, thick brownies, and that’s exactly what this recipe produces. Made with butter instead of oil, the brownies bake up absolutely sumptuous, it’s completely drool-worthy. And when you stuff the center with milk chocolate Chocmeister?


And we haven’t even gotten to the marshmallow yet.

Most s’mores brownie recipes call for jumbo marshmallows, but I used marshmallow fluff instead. Doing so adds some additional time — the brownies need to cool before you can spread the fluff on top — but I think it’s worth it. The fluff not only browns amazingly, but it just looks so dope, doesn’t it? It’s different, it’s delicious, and it’s EASY.

That’s what we’re all about.

So if you’re absolutely dying to make these — how could you not?! — head over to PBC now and grab the recipe!!

#tasteamazing xo