Sweet ‘n Crunchy Almond Butter + Strawberry Toasts

This is one of my favorite, go-to breakfasts.

Sweet 'n Crunchy Almond Butter + Strawberry Toasts

And I think it could be one of yours, too!

Sweet 'n Crunchy Almond Butter + Strawberry Toasts

Admittedly, I was fairly reticent about even sharing this with you in the first place. It’s not really a recipe, it’s more of a guide on how to compose a toast, which in-and-of itself sounds pedantic. But this little nosh really hits all those particulars of a truly great, simple breakfast – Fiber, healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants? It checks every box, so I felt compelled to share it with you beautiful babes.

Strawberry Toast - Strawberries 2

Strawberry Toast - Pistachios 2

For me a great toast comes down to texture, with my general guideline being an extra crispy slice of bread layered with something smooth, something crunchy, something tender, and something viscous. This neat little format ensures lots of flavor and depth no matter what ingredients you choose, so consider it a baseline for building your own toast wonderland.

This particular variation has been in my routine for months now, and though I usually tire of eating the same thing over and over, this toast has staying power. The basics are rye bread (my fav!), sliced organic strawberries, salted creamy almond butter, pistachios, and honey. Not only does this combo satisfy my texture cravings, but it’s one of those delightful breakfasts that tastes great with an iced coffee (summer!) or hot cup of tea (the other 10 months) so it works year-round. Plus, it’s CRAZY filling, but in that good, I-feel-fit! kind of way.

Strawberry Toast - Zoom 4

To mix-and-match this to your particular taste buds, what’s lying in your fridge, or just because you feel like being difficult, here are some ideas:

crunchy peanut butter + raspberries + black sesame seeds

cashew butter + bananas + chia seeds

almond butter + pomegranate arils + coconut flakes

nutella + blackberries + chopped candied pecans (the splurge version)

And these are just the tipping point! Get creative, smother every combo with honey — or agave, if you’re vegan — and let the toast magic happen.

Sweet 'n Crunchy Almond Butter + Strawberry Toasts

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Sweet 'n Crunchy Almond Butter + Strawberry Toasts


  • 1 slice Rye Bread (or any bread of your choice!)
  • 4 large Strawberries
  • 2 tbsps Salted Almond Butter
  • a few drizzles Honey
  • 2 tbsps Pistachios


  1. In toaster oven or oven brown bread to your desired level of crispness. While bread toasts, thinly slice strawberries.
  2. When ready, assemble toast with almond butter, strawberries, a few drizzles of honey, and pistachios – Eat!

Strawberry Toast - Horizontal 3happy brekkie!