The First Snow

There are certain sentiments that stand the test of time, and my excitement over snow is one of them.

When it snows the city transforms into its own special globe, and I love capturing it in real-time. During blizzards the city reliably becomes quite, peaceful, even tame. But when there’s only a generous dusting — as was the case last Saturday afternoon — the response is entirely different. Rather than stay cocooned in our homes New Yorkers flock to the nearest bar, eagerly seeking a healthy dose of trouble. The sidewalks are sloppy, the streets muddy, and the energy is fun and playful. It’s a great time to document not just the city itself, but its residents. So before I joined in on the snow-day revelry, I decided to take a few snaps. My favorites are below, and rest assured that immediately following these photos, several bottles of wine were consumed. xo