A Typical New York Sunday

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Rest and relaxation is all but a foreign concept in New York City. The unrelenting noise, constant chaos, and allure of the latest “it” thing – bar, restaurant, gym class, whatever! – makes taking it easy all but impossible. So instead of fighting the hectic environment I’m immersed in, I make a compromise.

Monday – Saturday: work, workout, play, repeat!

Sunday: UNWIND. Preferably with a bag of DOVE® chocolate.

My typical Sunday begins with a walk to my local coffee shop (Jack’s Stir Brew!), where I order the strongest coffee $55 can buy. Jack’s is a quirky, delightful little nook in the West Village, and it’s been my caffeine go-to for years. The cozy atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to start my day of leisure, so I’ve gotten in the habit of spending time there with a latte, a book, and a bag of DOVE® Fruit! A delicious concoction of real dried fruit dipped in DOVE® dark chocolate, this delightful treat comes in stand-up pouches that are perfect for eating whenever I need them. Readily available at Walgreens (LOVE it there) I know I can always find a pouch for my Sunday routine. And with so many varieties to choose from, I love experimenting with new flavors!

Right now I’m on a blueberry kick, but next week? I see cherry in my future.

Once my coffee is finished it’s time to walk the neighborhood and take in the scenes. Sometimes I simply meander around the village’s winding streets, while other times I’ll plop on a bench and indulge in that quintessential NYC past-time: people watching. And when I do, my portable DOVE® Fruit pouch is with me. The mixed fruit & nut varieties are more of a bigger snack than the fruit-only pouches, so I like taking these with me when I know I’ll be out for hours. Doing so keeps me from spending money OR eating food I don’t need to, so they’re a real win-win strategy.

Plus they’re outrageously tasty, so that always helps.

If people watching isn’t all I’m up for, I’ll run some errands on my way to the High Line. Local shops like Pink & Olive keep me entertained along the way, as do the stunning townhomes, bold storefronts, and constant new construction. And while I bop my way from the West Village to the Meatpacking I’m sure to keep my DOVE® Fruit pouches close by.

Just a few bites keeps me calm and relaxed to matter how loud the city gets, ensuring that my tranquil Sunday never gets disturbed.

Once I’ve reached the High Line it’s time to really, truly unwind. With my DOVE® Fruit pouch in tow I can saunter the elevated park, observe its unique sculptures, or simply catch some rays on a bench. Regardless if I’m lounging, walking, or quietly judging others (sorry), Sunday’s with DOVE® are exactly the treat I deserve for surviving another chaotic week. It’s a small way to reward myself without breaking my budget OR my diet, so it’s my special, unwind secret.

And since buying them at Walgreens is so easy, I’m never short on supply. Receive $1 off your purchase when you buy 2 DOVE® Promises® between April 30th and June 4th at Walgreens.  xo

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